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Yoga + Breathwork Teachers

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Applications are due Sunday, July 4
by 8:59pm PT/ 10:59pm CT/11:59pm ET

Applications are due Sunday, July 4
by 8:59pm PT/ 10:59pm CT/11:59pm ET

Questions about the program or the application?

Email tayo[at]

Meet Your Mentors

Registration is open for our inaugural cohort!!!

Jar 1:  $400 | Jar 2: $360 | Jar 3: $300 | Jar 4: $240

The Breath & Body Alive BIPOC Mentorship Program is an opportunity for all self-identifying Black, Indigenous, and People of Color (including mixed POC)  to deepen our understanding & practice of sustainable, liberatory, community-based approaches to yoga and breathwork. It is open to yoga and breathwork teachers and current teachers-in-training.

Each Sunday, a rotation of mentors will present on an area of expertise or experience. During the week, participants will be encouraged to attend a gathering led BY them, FOR them, to support the processing of the program material, cultivate community, and build relationships. Throughout the program, mentors will offer office hours where participants are invited to sign up for 1:1 sessions.  Scroll to the bottom to meet the mentors and see their areas of expertise and experience!​

PLEASE NOTE: This is not a training or certification program. This is a collaborative space to enhance and enrich experience based on the prior knowledge and concerns of participants. As a result, specific topics and content may vary from cohort to cohort.


  • 8 Sunday Workshops

  • 5 Participant-led Gatherings (optional, but highly recommended)

  • 1:1 Session with a Mentor (optional, but highly recommended)

  • Access to Breath & Body Alive BIPOC Mentorship Facebook Group (A closed group for current & past participants!)

  • Access to resources including pre-recorded workshops, client resources, & more.

DATES OF WEEKEND WORKSHOPS:  Gatherings will be held via Zoom.

  1. Sunday, July 18th | 1pm-3pm PT/ 4pm-6pm ET

  2. Sunday, July 25th | 1pm-3pm PT/ 4pm-6pm ET

  3. Sunday, August 1st | 1pm-3pm PT/ 4pm-6pm ET

  4. Sunday, August 8th | 1pm-3pm PT/ 4pm-6pm ET

  5. Sunday, August 15th | 1pm-3pm PT/ 4pm-6pm ET

  6. Sunday, August 22nd | 1pm-3pm PT/ 4pm-6pm ET

  7. Sunday, August 29th | 1pm-3pm PT/ 4pm-6pm ET

  8. Sunday, September 5 | 1pm-3pm PT/ 4pm-6pm ET


  • If accepted into the program, participants will be expected to attend at least 75% of Sunday Workshops.

  • Upon receiving an acceptance email, participants will be asked to submit a $240-$400 payment via Paypal based upon the Green Bottle Sliding Scale method. Yes, payment plans are available!

India and Nico HeadShotSmaller.jpg

India Harville | she/her

Scope/Themes Offered in Mentorship:

  • Disability Justice

  • Accessibility 

  • Dealing with Conflict 

  • Diversity Equity and Inclusion Support 

  • Embodying the Principles of Disability Justice in Your Practice

  • How to Make Your Classes More Accessible


Michele Smith| she/her

Scope/Themes Offered in Mentorship:

  • Resiliency

  • Grief

  • Mindset

  • Creativity

  • Art

  • Business

  • Resourcing + Restoration through  Yoga + Breathwork
  • Writing for the public about yoga, resiliency, wellness, and breathwork
  • Transforming stress → creative flow

Jirod Webb.jpg

Jirod Webb | he/him

Scope/Themes Offered in Mentorship:

  • Teaching beginners

  • Yin Yoga

  • Aligning with greater purpose through yoga and breathwork

  • Community building and serving others

  • Finding Self-Love and doing the inner work in order to really make an impact

  • Manifestation: what it is and how to put it into practice

  • Integrating and healing emotions through a teaching practice

  • Transforming Guilt/Shame → Love + Forgiveness

  • Transforming Lack/Doubt → assured abundance


Mya Cato| she/her

Scope/Themes Offered in Mentorship:

  • Advanced Asana

  • Yama & Niyamas

  • Chakras

  • Structuring Classes and Workshops

  • Crafting Powerful Policies & Procedures

  • Mindful Business Practices

  • Integrating Music into Teaching and Practice Styles

gender expression.jpg

Tayo Jolaosho|they, them, their[s]

Scope/Themes Offered in Mentorship:

  • Black Folks' Guide to Polyvagal Theory

  • Breathwork

  • C-PTSD and Survivorship in the Health + Wellness Industry

  • Post-Traumatic Growth

  • Wisdom of the Body Moving

  • Healing Justice, Activism, and Social Transformation

Applications are due Sunday, July 4
by 8:59pm PT/ 10:59pm CT/11:59pm ET

Questions about the program or the application?

Email tayo[at]